There's something unnatural here.
It was a dark rainy night when they broke out of their room, killing everyone on their floor before a guard shot them, killing them. The asylum decided to keep the mass murder quite, filling it away for years. And now, The asylum is back open, with new patients and an unfriendly being.

Fleecy|Immortal|cloud nymph|FC:helena bonham carter|Open

Fleecy works for Iris at her Co-op. She manages Iris’s massages when Iris can’t, but she has her own message for her ‘Fleecy messages’ that goes like this; ‘O Fleecy, do me a solid. Show (Person you are trying to message)’. She also works at Rainbow Organic Foods & Lifestyles. She is a friendly Nymph who has little control over the weather. 

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